Think Ireland


Whether choosing a destination for a short-term language course or a home away from home, Ireland has something to appeal to everyone. With a flexible visa system and competitively priced courses, Ireland is within your reach.

  • 10-day visa processing time on average, no appointment required, no need to appear in person.
  • Courses on average are 20% cheaper than in the UK.

Kick-start your career not only by obtaining a degree from one of our historic and prestigious universities but by gaining work experience in the European home of leading IT, pharmaceutical and financial service companies such as Google, Pfizer and JP Morgan through our new work-permit scheme for graduates. Further information about this scheme can be found in English here.

  • 7 Universities – 14 Institutes of Technology – 6 University-Recognised Colleges – 10 Private Colleges.
  • Where is the purest English to be found? – in the country of Joyce, Yeats, and Wilde of course!
  • Over 110 accredited English-language schools – over 150,000 students choose Ireland to study English.

Experience the warmth of an Irish welcome, embrace our culture and draw parallels between Irish and Russian characters.